Study behavior with smartphone data

App sessions

Time spent in apps

Top Apps for shopping, social media, mobility & more

In-App Content

Content seen & interactions such as likes, clicks, shares for each app

Location data

GPS data

Distance/radius per time

Smart surveys

Context-triggered Experience Sampling questions (and nudging) as push notifications

"You just watched Youtube for 1h. How do you feel?"

Digital Phenotyping | Psycho-Informatics | Experimental Psychology | Digital Biomarkers

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Collect your participants' smartphone data with our app. Analyze their behavior on our platform.

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Hundreds of smartphone models from different manufacturers



Technology is based on Menthal-App with >700.000 users since 2014

Secure & compliant

Secure & compliant

Secure servers – hosted in Germany

GDPR (DSGVO) - compliant

Individual solutions

Individual solutions

Custom data collection from smartphone apps of your choice

White-labelling & branding

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Selected Partners and Projects

Creating new generation tools for nutrition science.
Reduction of digital stress with AI habit analysis of in-app interactions.
Optimizing public transport planning with smartphone data.
Partnership for smartphone and app behavior.


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